When you confront your spouse in a criticizing way, they will most likely shut themselves down to your suggestions. No one wants to feel attacked. You probably think it is a stupid addiction or a mindless choice, but it is in fact a real addiction. Try to leave the sarcasm and criticism at the door. Instead, show your spouse that you are truly concerned and that you care about him or her and only want to be sure that they are alright. Be gentle, loving and kind. Your spouse needs to know that you are not looking down at them, but that you are reaching out to them.A good alternative to viewing porn is to find a new hobby. Maybe you did not view porn as a hobby, or maybe you did not want to admit it was a hobby. However, if it was something you liked to do for pleasure, it was a hobby. Therefore, you need to replace viewing pornography with a new hobby.Here's another tip that will make this much easier for both of you. First of all, tell her how beautiful she is, and do it sincerely. You see, most women (and men too) are self-conscious about the way they look. They may feel strange about baring their bodies to a new person for the first time. She may even want to retreat under the covers before getting fully naked. Don't expect all this to work out like it does in the movies.What many men fail to realize is that the penis can be grown just like any other muscle in the body. All it takes is a little stimulation within the concerned areas. You should never resort to pills and supplements because they are a waste of money and time. These pills have no effects at all because the penile hormones only respond to natural exercises.Learning how to approach a women isn't hard, first thing, get rid of the thought that something bad might happen. Here is secret that I want to share with you. Girls like and want to be approached. Fear is what is keeping you from a happy and fulfilling romantic life.I was ready to give up and just learn to live in both worlds (the real world and the make believe porn world). I knew that I couldn't kick this habit on my own, but I did not ever want to tell anyone what I struggled with. At that time I had been going to a Bible study and we would occasionally glance the subject of keeping our eyes away from temptations. One day, our leader announced towards the men from the group that we were starting a men's only group to address men's issues. Specifically- Pornography. Wow. I thought that I was the only guy dealing with this in my life.xev bellringer There are no guarantees that your web filter will be able to block all porn because hey, it's free! If you had a filter that blocked out sites containing only mature words and porn company names, all the porn workers have to do is misspell their site's domain name (as mentioned above), or they could simply give their site a neutral name like "White House". The keyword "Playboy" would obviously get blocked, but a keyword like "White House". of course not.Your main goal should be giving her orgasm instead of acting out a scene in a porn movie. Focus on positions that can stimulate her G-spot and Clitoris. Keeping your body close to her in the missionary position will ensure simultaneous stimulation in these two areas.

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