This summer when you start your A/C the last thing that you want blowing out of your A/C is hot air. Heat blowing from your air conditioner is merely about as bad as though the community pool was turn off for the summer. Although ac blowing hot air 's not quite summer yet, those long hot days are simply ahead of us. Rather than sweating it out in your home, check a few of these easy problems. Understand how to avoid them, and when to call a professional.1. Dirty Air Filter:Every spring and early summer, make certain you change out your filter. Should you have a maintenance plan with your local HVAC contractor, they will ensure that your air conditioning filter is properly cleaned and installed.A dirty filter can clog your air conditioner's condensing coil with dust and contaminants causing your A/C to freeze up, hence your air conditioning equipment will not be cooling your home properly.2. Outside A/C unit not properly maintained:Go outside and take a look at your outside condenser. It is dirty or covered with debris? Again, having a maintenance plan will ensure that your air conditioner is cleaned properly. Making ac blowing warm air that the condensing coils are cleaned regularly is critical in proper cooling function of one's A/C.3. Check your thermostat:Check your thermostat and ensure that it is set on cool. In Colorado we know that the weather can go up and down. One day we may need the A/C on, and another the heater. If it is on heat, switch is to cool, and you are ready to go.4. Low on Refrigerant or Freon:When an A/C is blowing out heat, a refrigerant or Freon leak is most probably the culprit. If there isn't enough Freon in the air conditioning equipment chances are to freeze up. It is best to leave this up to your local HVAC contractor.

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